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Are you wondering about the logo?  I am so blessed by God for His creation, the beauty of the earth and all that dwells in it.   I love the tranquilty of creation and lessons learned interacting with it.  A dancing elephant, to me, is a delightful display of strength and success, with so many additional attributes that we desire in everyday life.

 Just imagine the joy of such a heavy creature in celebration of life itself.

Elephants are said to be associated with love, loyalty, healing and fortitude, success and positivity.   Taking all that in-  with a happy face and celebrating countenance - is joy unspeakable.   To God be the glory!

Many things come to mind concerning an elephant:  reliability, power, temperance, patience, longevity, success, happiness and royalty.   I am reminded we are  a holy nation and royal priesthood in Christ Jesus our Lord and I therefore chose a celebrating elephant for my logo.

Elephants also exhibit mental abilities and strengths- - humans desire mental strength and success.  This is a core component in successful coaching and deliverance.   Elephants live in community and are very relational, another similarity we share:  parent care, companionship, loyalty, community.  It is said that it is an elephant’s job is to maintain the eco system.   Similarly, it is our job to represent God here on earth for His Kingdom purposes.   We are all called and equipped to do exactly that!  Thy Kingdom come - - together, in Him!!! 

Blessings and joy unspeakable and full of the glory of the Lord my friend,

Chaplain Coach Rev. Elaine Kay, M.S., M.Div.